Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Manufacturing

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Manufacturing

Our capabilities and services would not be complete if we were not able to offer you a comprehensive and fully equipped machine shop and welding facility staffed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
We understand when it comes to hydraulic cylinders, all work must be of the highest standards and proper, exacting specifications to withstand the sometimes harsh environments of your business. If necessary, we will manufacture from scratch any individual part or fabricate a complete new cylinder.
All processes are monitored for quality and workmanship. All tolerances are pre-checked before final assembly. The final operational test is performed at the components rated pressure.

Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer

  • Provides up to 25,000 ft-lbs of torque to hydraulically remove retainer caps; bolts and piston nuts.
  • Hydraulically keeps the cylinder aligned during disassembly and reassembly to prevent damage to cylinder and packing components.
  • 20ft x 16 in dia

Hydraulic Cylinder Hone

  • Renews sealing surface to provide positive seal.
  • Hones to .060 oversize to save scored barrels
  • Provides positive alignments
  • 2 ½ "-16" dia


  • Allows re-machining of worn pieces of equipment.

Machine Shop Welding

Schroder Hydraulic Test Bench

  • Allows all rebuilt pumps, motors, cylinders, and valves to be tested to factory specifications before installing them in a working system.
  • Allows rebuilt power shift transmissions to be hydraulically tested assuring positive clutch pack sealing.
  • Allows testing of hydrostatic transmission rebuilds.

Capabilities and Services

We provide the highest quality repair available. When we disassemble a cylinder, all tolerances are checked and recorded and a failure analysis is performed. These findings will be incorporated into a detailed quote that we will forward to you with our recommendations. Reconditioned hydraulic cylinders go through a rigorous testing process. Our test stands are specifically designed for this purpose. Whether we are testing cylinders, we ensure that the unit meets or exceeds OEM specifications before it leaves our shop. Sometimes it proves to be more economical to replace a component than to recondition it. We can manufacture any part or fabricate a complete new cylinder right at our facility. Or, we can utilize our cast network of suppliers to provide you with an OEM replacement at a competitive price. In some instances, our thorough cylinder inspection process will reveal abnormalities that prohibit a simple hone and reseal. In those cases, our expert technicians will develop a repair plan to suit your needs. Many times, we can repair a component for a fraction of the cost of new. In addition, we can also repair or manufacture virtually any cylinder component from scratch including rods, pistons, and tubes that will meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome Plating is used almost exclusively on the surface of hydraulic cylinder rods. Having the ability to remove old chrome, resurface and re-plate your cylinder rods is cost effective and maintains the integrity of the original equipment.