Stationary Hydraulic Systems

Stationary Hydraulic Systems

We specialize in stationary hydraulic systems, like down stroke balers, horizontal balers, compactors, shredders, choppers, hoggers, conveyers, hydraulic loading ramps, security bars and enclosures. Field Tec is fully equipped with trucks so we can get can to you in an efficient manner. We carry out customized maintenance contracts, on-site diagnostics, oil analysis, fluid depollution, checks and repairs, installation, control and system optimization.

Hydraulic Power Units and Control Systems

The hydraulic power units we build generally will start with a specification or requirement by the customer, and the unit is custom designed, engineered and sometimes installed as a turnkey package. They are mostly one of a kinds for a specific project.

We can provide you with turnkey solutions and systems including: integrated PLC and computer controls engineered specifically for your application and environment. Whether you’re building new, or updating older equipment, we’ll start by listening to you, then provide you with a cost effective and reliable hydraulic system.

We service and can install what we sell. From troubleshooting to installation of piping, to system start up, we have the right tools, and more importantly – the right people. With today’s complex pump controls and electronic driven valves, training is vital. Our technicians are factory-trained and continually updated through in-house service seminars.