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Work History:

CAT Reach Forklift

A customer brought in a CAT reach forklift that was leaking hydraulic oil. To fix the issue, our trained technicians had to remove the main lift cylinder from the machine then proceeded to rebuild.

Hyster Forklift

We take attention to detail very seriously. These images show two of our trained technicians rebuilding a Hyster Forklift transmission.

Shuttle Buggy

This Road Tec shuttle buggy was a huge project that our team was able to accomplish. Repairs started with the C-1 compartment where we replaced all sprockets, as well as foot shaft bearings, chain, and grease lines. The C-2 compartment required the cleaning of all old material left in the machine, replacing all worn key stock on the cleanout door, and installed new fumes canvas. For the C-3 compartment of the buggy, we removed and replaced all sprockets in this compartment, repaired cross members, and installed a new chain. In addition to the three compartments, we removed the pump drives from the machine to disassemble, reseal, and reassemble them. We also disassembled 2 axles, resealed and replaced bushings in both axles, and replaced 2 two-speed shift cylinders. After all these repairs, the final stage of this project was checking and setting all hydraulic pressures on the machine and finally testing it.